Artec SE-ADL Analog Delay


The company Artec is a relatively new star in the effect device market and can be described by its thomann solid quality and really interesting prices. The team around mastermind Byoung-Yul Lim in the last two years was very busy developing an independent range of analog pedals and combo amplifiers. The result is excellent and it does not need to shy away from international comparison. Published test reports thomann in professional journals make a clear statement on the quality.

The Delay SE-ADL is an analog delay that brings up the very popular warm, analog sounds of the early 80’s. Sound is somewhere between tape echo and accurate, but often sterile digital delay sound. With a maximum delay thomann of 440 mS it is well equipped for most cases. It has adjustable delay time, mix and number of repetitions. And the price? Sensational!

  • SE-Series
  • Echo/Delay
  • Controls: REPEAT / MIX / TIME
  • Mono
  • Power: 9-Volt battery or power supply (both optional)
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